Computational design/generative design

We work for improvement of workflow efficiency by developing custom apps for widely used AEC software and solving building design/engineering problems with the aids of software engineering and computational design/BIM.


  • Being fully collaborative with BIM/CIM
  • Taking the part of assisting and supporting to grapple with design problems and imperatives using computational/generative design tools and software.
  • Taking both explorative and goal-oriented approaches for streamlined and optimal design solutions for specific themes and tasks in problem solving.
  • Taking both artistic and scientific approaches to test rapidly and examine various ideas even manually.


  • Visual scripting through automating design processes with the intervention of the human dictation and manual operations as per needed and coordinated.
  • Optimization of designs through dialogue-driven process with option generation and selection.
  • Management of dynamic and deploying design and scope requirement.
  • Automation and streamlining of repetitive tasks for precision up, reduction of labor intensity and speed up.
  • Handling of the complex geometric problems.
  • Reverse engineering rationalizing design outcome and process in a logic manner.


  • Digital sketches and making of diagrams/abstract morphologies leading to the concrete design as an early implementation of design and engineering strategies in a project
  • Rule based or constraint-based design approaches intending to be fit to purpose and project brief.
  • Creative design generated by computational and generative design in dialogue-driven process as human-machine interaction.

Scripting(coding) & programming:

  • Visual Basic Autocad(VBA)
  • Visual Basic Microstation(VBM)
  • Rhinoscript/Grasshopper
  • Dynamo


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