Other activities

Field research as regards the traditional districts in Kyoto

Between 2009 and 2010, Inspector of the area research composed of kyomachiya(the traditional Japanese dwelling).
Organizers: Kyoto city planning centre,Kyoto prefactural government and Ritsumeikan University: Fieldwork and the data gathering of the machiyas in Kyoto for GIS/GPS mapping.

Workshop and seminar about the urban development at the practical level in 2016, organized jointly by Kyoto Center for Community Collaboration and National Graduate School for Policy Studies(GRIPS).

In 2016, Participant of the workshop organized jointly by National Graduate School for Policy Studies(GRIPS) and Kyoto Center for Community Collaboration.

In that workshop, we made propositions of Planning,Design and Budget Plan+Finance Plan etc on the real project in the conception receiving the advice from the academics from Kyoto University, Graduate School of Architecture and consultants on urban development(machizukuri),


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