2016: 11th International Symposium on Architectural Interchanges in Asia (ISAIA2016),held at Tohoku University in Sendai, Miyagi, Japan, co-sponsored by the Architectural Institute of Japan (AIJ) together with the Architectural Institute of Korea (AIK) , the Architectural Society of China (ASC)


Title: Exploring Chromaticism in Architecture and Built Environment for Next Generation, p1205-1210

Masataka Fukui(Regular member, Architectue Institute of Japan(AIA)

2011: Research on VCAD system, the future of the VCAD, RIKEN symposium in 2011


Title: Simulation of the air flow environment using V-Flow 3D, p148-151

LEI kangbin (RIKEN)、LUO Xilian (Xi'an  Jiaotong univ),  Masataka Fukui(atelier mfmaarch)

2005:Thesis for MSc Computing and Design, University of East London Graduate School.
Thesis title: Decentralized simulation models and the design methodology for the creation of good urban and architectural projects.


Resumes of the research themes:

-Research on the accessibility, the site characteristics and the finding of the common entrances using the responsive and constrained algorithm of the swarm multi-agents in the site concerned.

-Research on the generation/findings and the optimization of the routes/paths, boundaries, the area subdivision using the responsive algorithm with the constraint control of the ants pheromone foraging for food in the site concerned.

-Research on the generation/findings and the optimization of urban/architectural models and the process of cluster makings in spatio-temporal ways using the responsive termite algorithm with the constraint controls.

-Research on the generation/findings and the optimization of the high density architectural abstract model and patterns using the responsive cellular automata algorithm with the constraint control.


2002:Thesis for MSc Advanced Environmental and Energy studies(AEES).University of East London graduate school, the Centre of Alternative Technology.
Thesis title: CO2 emissions and the Buildings for the future ,case studies of office and residential buildings based on the BREEAM and Eco Homes.