-Architecture planning, design and supervision of the construction works

-Interior Design./Interior Layout Planning.

-Order made lighting, equipment and the furniture.

-Exhibition/Space design/Installation settings.

-Urban planning/Environmental Planning..

-Consultancy for the Eco-friendly, Low energy Area planning.

-R&D /Demonstration Projects/Experimental Projects/collaborative research & enterprise.

-Date Science

-Research, Planning, Design for the Space Architecture and Space development


Business area of Mf_cDs:

-Architecture design generated by scripting and visual programming and Software development.

-Digital fabrication.

-Solutions through digital tools and analytical and study software.

-BIM(Building Information Modelling) led design.


Scope of our works

-Participation for proposals, tender and design competition entries.


-Office/Corporate properties


-Boutiques and the Commercial Centres

-Art and Culture Facilities

-Sport/Recreation/Amenity Facilities 

-Educational/Research/Learning centres. 

-Healthcare and Wellbeing facilities including social and medical facilities

-Religious facilities including Church and the temple buildings.

-Civic and transport facilities

-Hotel and Hospitality facilities

-Master plan and urban design/planning

-Event spaces(Booths, Exhibition spaces)/Overlays(Pavilions, Sport facilities)

The above projects include new build, renovation and the refurbishment.

Furthermore, regeneration of the historical and traditional buildings is one of our undertaking

issues in architecture project.