Atelier mfmaarch is a design practice with offices in  Japan and France which engages in the architecture design, interior design and the environmental design of a variety of projects at the different scales both at home and abroad.


Our design ranges from the traditional and vernacular one to the modern and the contemporary

one for a diversity of building programme.


Our practice adopts the innovative and multi-disciplinary design approach with the international platform and aims for the creation of the high quality products which satisfy with the clients requirements.


Engaging of the projects

I'll engage in projects as a chief in project or a team member of the architecture firms or consulting firms in collaboration.

Thus, all payment and conditions are subject to such a situation.

We support architecture firms, consultancy and developers in order to create the innovative bespoke design for the projects concerned in consideration of client’s requirement and the environment.

Our work process consists of a collaborative approach to projects in which our works are well tasked with the relevant expertise, at the same time, a holistic approach to overview and relate our tasks to the other expertise.

We make efficient the cutting-edge design integrating the eco-friendly and low energy building and sustainable urban design principle into it, implement the architecture algorithm with the feasible computerized analysis,computerized fabrication and the building technology and transform the complex design explored into the final design and construction elements.

As such, we definitely generate and offer:
●the design in all design phases and the supervision in construction and post-construction.
●the conceptual volume design such as urban plans and building blocks.
●the facade design(well-designed ecological exterior appearance).
●the interior space design(aesthetic, healthy interior appearance).
●the landscaping design.

About us

Aterlier mfmaarch



6th September 2013, Registration en France

Atelier mfmaarch


1st January 2021

mfmaarch LLC(The first class architect office, Registration in Japan)



Mf_cDs(Computational Design Studio)

2nd April 2017



Masataka Fukui MSc Grad Arch

Registered Architect,Urban planner,Computation designer-maker 


Conseil National d'ordre des architectes en France(CNOA)

National registered number:080321

Conseil Régional d'ordre des architectes en Provence-Alpse-côte d'Azur


Regional registered number:pro02379


REG A architect in Switzerland


1st Class architect in Japan (Registered number 360387)

Tokyo Society of architects & building engineers

Japan Federation of Architects & Building Engineers Associations

Hyogo Associations of Architectural Firms


Regular member of the Architectural Institute of Japan(AIJ)

Member of Tokyo Chamber of Commerce and Industry(TCCI), Ota chapter of Tokyo,

Section of the Construction and the Real Estate


E-mail address:


Phone number:

+81(0)80 5690 6428


Postal address: 

Tokyo office:

1-5-22-305gou, Higashiyaguchi Ota-ku

Tokyo, Japan

(P.C 146-0094)


Marseille office:

Bureau de Marseille:

Marseille Prado Business Centre

180, Avenue du Prado

Immeuble le Prado Périer

13417 Marseille Cedex 08 France

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