-Architecture planning, design and supervision of the construction works

-Interior Design./Interior Layout Planning.

-Building diagnosis, legal compliance survey, guideline / guideline survey, etc.


-Agency of Building approval/confirmation application (including plan notification) 


-Order made lighting, equipment and the furniture.

-Exhibition/Space design/Installation settings.

-Urban planning/Environmental Planning..

-Consultancy for the Eco-friendly, Low energy Area planning.

-R&D /Demonstration Projects/Experimental Projects/collaborative research & enterprise.

-Date Science

-Research, Planning, Design for the Space Architecture and Space development


Business area of Mf_cDs:

-Architecture design generated by scripting and visual programming and Software development.

-Digital fabrication.

-Solutions through digital tools and analytical and study software.

-BIM(Building Information Modelling) led design.


Scope of our works

-Participation for proposals, tender and design competition entries.


-Office/Corporate properties


-Boutiques and the Commercial Centres

-Art and Culture Facilities

-Sport/Recreation/Amenity Facilities 

-Educational/Research/Learning centres. 

-Healthcare and Wellbeing facilities including social and medical facilities

-Religious facilities including Church and the temple buildings.

-Civic and transport facilities

-Hotel and Hospitality facilities

-Master plan and urban design/planning

-Event spaces(Booths, Exhibition spaces)/Overlays(Pavilions, Sport facilities)

-Plants,Power plants,Renewable energy related facilities, Data centers etc.

The above projects include new build, renovation and the refurbishment.

Furthermore, regeneration of the historical and traditional buildings is one of our undertaking

issues in architecture project.


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