2021:Commentary Article published in Paper B(Transactions on Power & Energy), December of The Institute of Electrical Engineer of Japan(IEEJ). Vol.141 Issue.12 p741-744

Title: Introduction of the Next Generation ZEH by Meteo Data Driven Control and Smart Architectural and MEP Approaches from the Architect’s Standpoint

Masataka Fukui(Non member)


The 4th Annual Conference held online and organized by The Society of Citizen Informatics for Human Cognitive Disorder.

Title: Exploration about co-creations and intersections amongst Dementia Friendly Architecture Design, Care robots and Data Utilisations

Masataka Fukui(Academic member and The Society of Citizen Informatics for Human Cognitive Disorder)


2016: 11th International Symposium on Architectural Interchanges in Asia (ISAIA2016),held at Tohoku University in Sendai, Miyagi, Japan, co-sponsored by the Architectural Institute of Japan (AIJ) together with the Architectural Institute of Korea (AIK) , the Architectural Society of China (ASC)


Title: Exploring Chromaticism in Architecture and Built Environment for Next Generation, p1205-1210

Masataka Fukui(Regular member, Architectue Institute of Japan(AIA)

2011: Research on VCAD system, the future of the VCAD, RIKEN symposium in 2011


Title: Simulation of the air flow environment using V-Flow 3D, p148-151

LEI kangbin (RIKEN)、LUO Xilian (Xi'an  Jiaotong univ),  Masataka Fukui(atelier mfmaarch)

2005:Thesis for MSc Computing and Design, University of East London Graduate School.
Thesis title: Decentralized simulation models and the design methodology for the creation of good urban and architectural projects.


Resumes of the research themes:

-Research on the accessibility, the site characteristics and the finding of the common entrances using the responsive and constrained algorithm of the swarm multi-agents in the site concerned.

-Research on the generation/findings and the optimization of the routes/paths, boundaries, the area subdivision using the responsive algorithm with the constraint control of the ants pheromone foraging for food in the site concerned.

-Research on the generation/findings and the optimization of urban/architectural models and the process of cluster makings in spatio-temporal ways using the responsive termite algorithm with the constraint controls.

-Research on the generation/findings and the optimization of the high density architectural abstract model and patterns using the responsive cellular automata algorithm with the constraint control.


2002:Thesis for MSc Advanced Environmental and Energy studies(AEES).University of East London graduate school, the Centre of Alternative Technology.
Thesis title: CO2 emissions and the Buildings for the future ,case studies of office and residential buildings based on the BREEAM and Eco Homes.

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