Architecture competition for the Student accommodation, Social housing, Community centre, Sport centre for Geneve University, Carouge town in the Switzerland

Client: Geneve University and the real estate foundation of Carouge city 
Atelier mfmaarch

Mission: Concept Design for the student acommodation, Social housings
Sport centre, Community centre
Total Floor Area: 54’494m2
Global cost:CHF.40'000'000.-- Excluding Taxes
Status: Competition
Year: 2015
Location: Carouge, Switzerland
Our project intends to contribute to the revalorisation of the existing and new districts and reinforce their relation throughthe clusters of the sustainable
development (economically
efficient, socially equitable and economically
sustainable) and
Eco friendly architecture in consideration of the life cycle

Built spaces are composed of rectangular blocs and located in 
the site
in consideration of the orientation in order to optimize the passive principle(solar ray penetration and window flows) and adapt to routes and the plan in the development strategyof Carouge Sud.
This typology is characterized by different colours and 
materials which
expect to give one presence to the block and
the sense of the direction
to users.
Unbuilt spaces fill the intervals of built ones with 
qualificative landscape
such as the vegetation, places, squares, parks, courts located appropriately within the site,
all of which produces the site permeability to soft modes
the transport in which pedestrians and bicycles are principal.
The accessibility for the stations concerned within consist of the routes determined by users such as delivery persons, trash/bin collectors, firemen and rescue men etc.

The principal circulation with or without car is planified 
through the routes
well connected to neighbours and reinforce
their relations.
All of important functions such as the biodiversity and the 
evacuation in
the site are taken into account. For example, the existing trees and plants are to move to
different areas in case the built spaces or non built intervenein their sites.

The site focused in the circulation and space nodes is devoted to high rising social housings à contrôlée PPE with the
commerce on the floor as the main gateway for neighbours whilstthose of LUP are oriented to the school and provided with
the recreation courts and courts.

Furthermore,the student accommodations of 4 stages only are
inserted friendly
with the neighbouring villages.
The nearby commerces, sportive equipments, common exterior
facilities are
located at the gateway of each group of housingsalong the circulation with good access to neighbours and

The quality of the functions of built blocs is manifested by
the environmental orientation and the fluidity of the interior and exterior circulations.
The rooms are oriented due South and within 30 degree due Southfor better access and window and air passage.

The space nodes with the vertical circulation allows to locate the shaft for the air flows and the mechanical installations onthe face of communitary space for easy maintenance and 
Each room in the interior is composed of spatial layers for
mechanical installation of the indispensable service.
All of the built spaces are of Eco-responsible and healthy
materials and the rationality of their construction and their
manufacturing is coherent with
the possible realisation.
The conception based on the climate and passive principle will satisfy the environmental quality and the standard of the high building performance of the energy with the appropriate
constructive concept and economy.
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